Mission Statement

I believe a person sees much of their environment through peripheral, even kinetic senses, expressed uniquely upon our memory. All of our senses witness our experiences. Using your eyes independently of other senses results in experiencing only a fraction of time – like a photograph; accepted, not resolved. I like to paint the memory of our time, facing our future.

My desire is to convey a personal vision through classical methods, but also to experiment new boundaries with color, abstract design, and use of material. In today’s world of materialism, it is easy to forget your spirituality. When art moves you, it is a spiritual experience The force created between the artist and the creation is something more than technical virtuosity.

As an artist living in the high Eastern Sierra Mountains, my subject is exquisite at all times of the year. As a landscape artist, I am in love with light and shadows, and their interaction is most profound and dramatic in the Eastern Sierra.

During my studies with photo-realist Robert Bechtle, I learned to paint exactly the time of day and year, light and location, into every painting. Simplicity can only be captured when the painter is completely familiar and understands the subject.