About the Artist

The mountains are never the same. The light is always new. That is why it is so magnificent to be a painter living in the Eastern Sierra. The shadows create an aura of human drama in the solitude of the vast landscape. The contrasts of shadow and light have a special power to evoke mystery in daily life. What will emerge from the shadows, so ephemeral and transparent? The unexpected colors that happen in the play of light and shadow create a state of serene anticipation in which painters revel; the ecstatic balance in the breadth of time and nature when light ignites their imagination.

Janice Kabala’s modern landscapes are pared down to the essentials of site; emphasizing line, shape, and color. Simplicity is more difficult to achieve, and makes the artistic process far more contemplative for both the artist and the viewer.

Such compositions, while seeming improvisational, are also accompanied by traditional rituals: gravity, shadow, volume, and texture. The result of the brushed application of paint is beautiful; not accidental, but spontaneous.

Janice’s work illuminates the sensual seductiveness of the painting process. The artist is mesmerized by the way the light hits objects, and the vastness and variety of the terrain, taking the viewer to a landscape between representational realism and the real of abstract, where they are joined in affinity.